The King’s Singers cancel concerts in Russia

The leading a cappella group has announced the cancellation of performances scheduled for St Petersburg and Moscow in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a message on social media and the group’s website, The King’s Singers said, ‘We have closely monitored the evolving invasion of Ukraine, the relations between the Russian and UK governments, and have taken external advice on these matters. Today’s [25 February 2022] closure of all flight routes between the UK and Russia … has confirmed our conclusion that we cannot carry out these engagements.

‘Whilst we are confident that this is the right decision, it has also been a hard one to make. We love our audiences in Russia… our most recent concerts there in 2019 were some of the most memorable and moving that the six of us have given… We sincerely hope for a peaceful resolution to this conflict, for the sake of the Ukrainian people.’

The King’s Singers had been due to perform in St Petersburg on 8 March and in Moscow on 10 March.