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Use the form below to submit an event listing to the CHORALLY calendar.
Please read the guidelines before adding your first event. You will need to have a PARTNER CODE.

Notes (left column)

Title: the name of your event

Description: give details of your event. Use Paragraph style for body content and H3 for headings

Date and Time: include both start date and end date even if your event takes place on a single day. For longer events, or if you don’t know start and end times, select ‘All-day event’ and the time fields will disappear

Repeating: add information here if you have a regular event

Timezone: select your timezone from the dropdown list, arranged by continent

Event Data: you need to enter a Partner code here

Event Main Location: either (i) select a location from the dropdown list, or (ii) select ‘Insert a new location a new location (put the name in the first field you see and the full address in the next field) or (iii) select ‘Hide location’ eg if your event is online only

Other Location: if your event has more than one location, select a second location from the drop-down list (if you can’t find it, send us a note in ‘Note to reviewer’)

Event Main Organizer: select an existing option from the dropdown or select ‘Insert a new organizer’ and add the details

Note To Reviewer: please include any relevant additional information

Notes (right column)

User data: your email address and name. We’ll use this to contact you about your listing(s)

Event links: leave ‘Event Link’ blank and enter your event weblink in the ‘More Info’ box. Enter ‘More information’ or ‘Booking details’ into the next box and select ‘New Window’ for the final option in the section

Featured image for free listings: we add a standard image according to the type of listing, so you don’t need to upload anything here

FREE LISTINGS are available in the following categories: Come and Sing, Concerts and gigs (amateur choirs), Religious services. CHORALLY charges for listings in other categories

Featured image for featured (premium) listings: you can include your own header image. This should be sized 1,200px wide x 450px high and be in jpeg format. Maximum file size 125k

Categories: the *asterisked categories are for internal use only. Please choose all sub-categories which apply to your event. Include ‘Delivery’ options

Labels, Event Color: please ignore these options

Tags: please add up to six tags that users might search on (eg ‘residential’, ‘conducting’)

Submission form

Date and Time


It appears next to the event time on the Single Event Page. You can enter notes such as the timezone name in this field.


Custom Days Repeating

Add certain days to event occurrences. If you have a single day event, start and end dates should be the same, If you have a multiple day event, the start and end dates must match the initial date. Read More

:label: x
  • First
    • Mon Mon.1-
    • Tue Tue.1-
    • Wed Wed.1-
    • Thu Thu.1-
    • Fri Fri.1-
    • Sat Sat.1-
    • Sun Sun.1-
  • Second
    • Mon Mon.2-
    • Tue Tue.2-
    • Wed Wed.2-
    • Thu Thu.2-
    • Fri Fri.2-
    • Sat Sat.2-
    • Sun Sun.2-
  • Third
    • Mon Mon.3-
    • Tue Tue.3-
    • Wed Wed.3-
    • Thu Thu.3-
    • Fri Fri.3-
    • Sat Sat.3-
    • Sun Sun.3-
  • Fourth
    • Mon Mon.4-
    • Tue Tue.4-
    • Wed Wed.4-
    • Thu Thu.4-
    • Fri Fri.4-
    • Sat Sat.4-
    • Sun Sun.4-
  • Last
    • Mon Mon.l-
    • Tue Tue.l-
    • Wed Wed.l-
    • Thu Thu.l-
    • Fri Fri.l-
    • Sat Sat.l-
    • Sun Sun.l-
Occurrences times

The event will finish after certain repeats. For example if you set it to 10, the event will finish after 10 repeats.Read More


Event Data

Event Main Location


Choose one of saved locations or insert a new one.Read More

eg. City Hall

eg. City hall, Manhattan, New York


Latitude and Longitude are parameters that represent the coordinates in the geographic coordinate system. You can find your venue's Latitude and Longitude measurments via the link below. Get Latitude and Longitude

Remove image

Other Locations

You can select extra locations in addition to main location if you like.

Event Main Organizer


Choose one of the saved organizers or insert a new one.Read More

eg. John Smith

eg. +1 (234) 5678



eg. Website name or any text

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Other Organizers

You can select extra organizers in addition to main organizer if you like.

Note to reviewer

Categories *


Event Color