Sing Up leads Summer of Singing partnership

National singing organisations Sing Up, Out of the Ark, the Voices Foundation and Young Voices want to generate a resurgence of singing in UK schools this summer

A collaborative virtual festival of singing, Summer of Singing will provide schools with free songs, singing ideas, classroom and outdoor singing activities and events through the summer term from April to July 2021.

Launching on 22 March, more details of the festival will be unveiled over the coming weeks, with exciting plans in store from all the partner organisations.

Sing Up has moved its annual Sing Up Day to 30 June this year to enable schools to take part once restrictions have been lifted – joining school communities together again through the power of song.

According to Sing Up, ‘Schools will be looking for ways to support pupils and staff as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic and begin recovery.

‘Everyone is going to need to find ways to manage their feelings of loss and uncertainty and to process what has been a long period of anxiety and worry. Children will have experienced all these things and have their own stories to share and reflect on. Wouldn’t it be great to give them some creative space in which to do this, and to give a voice to all their thoughts and feelings? Perhaps it is essential we help them to do this before expecting them to launch straight back into learning again.’

Michelle James, CEO of Sing Up, said, ‘Working with our partners, we want to inspire all schools to sing again this summer. By investing time in developing singing with the children in your school you’ll see the benefits. The outcomes will be much greater than you can imagine, not only for the children but for the whole school community.’

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