Gareth Malone and Stay at Home Choir to release Ukraine charity single

A new recording by the UK's largest virtual choir has emerged from the world’s biggest collaborative writing project

Stay At Home Choir has partnered with UK choirmaster Gareth Malone to write and record a new song, Notes for Our World, with lyrics contributed by hundreds of singers from around the world, and featuring acclaimed violinist Suzie Collier.

Stay At Home Choir (SAHC) first worked with Malone in 2021 to record a new setting of Locus Iste. For the new project, singers collaborated directly with him through workshops and creative writing sessions to create a new piece of music ‘with a message of peace at its heart’. 

Over 1000 people took part in the project, starting with workshops led by Malone in April. Ideas submitted by choir members ranged from single words to complete lines of poetry; these were then combined into the final song, which also featured a solo line by Suzie Collier, world renowned violinist and mother to jazz legend Jacob Collier. The lyrics make a powerful statement of international cooperation and peace from singers around the world.

Gareth Malone said, ‘Now, more than ever, we need to cherish our international collaborations. I feel tremendously proud of the song we’ve created using ideas and contributions from so many different countries around the world.’

The finished track will be released as a charity single on all streaming platforms on 15 July 2022. All profits from the single will go towards supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.