Total Choir Resources


Why we created Total Choir Resources

When we started our choirs, we felt like imposters! We had musical backgrounds, but no formal training in running choirs or conducting. What we did have was passion, determination and a desire to make it work.

Over time, we’ve created successful, thriving choirs at the heart of our community. We’ve developed the leadership and musicianship skills that enable us to lead our choirs with confidence and real enjoyment.

We realise we’re lucky to work together – it can be overwhelming to plan rehearsals, repertoire and performances alone.

Total Choir Resources was born from our desire to create tools that help, support and connect choir leaders all over the world.

Build your confidence

  • You don’t need degrees and diplomas to be an amazing, inspirational choir leader. Total Choir Resources will guide you to the training and information you need to do the best job for your choir.

Get ideas and inspiration

  • Stay motivated and full of energy with our rehearsal resources. Boost your rehearsals with warm-up ideas that get your choir members focused and ready to sing.

Do what you love!

  • Streamline your systems and learn to work smarter, not more. Get the technical know-how you need to free up your time for what you do best – leading and inspiring your choir.

What Total Choir Resources members get

  • Practical, step-by-step training courses on everything from conducting to recruiting choir members. Everything you need to know to be a fantastic, confident choir leader.
  • It’s all about the warm-ups! Get an exclusive member-only warm-up plan every month, plus a growing searchable library of warm-up ideas, from relaxation to rounds. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again.
  • Live coaching and support. Join monthly member training and Q&A sessions live on Zoom, and book a one-to-one coaching call with Christine and Victoria.
  • Celebrate your wins and overcome challenges with the help of our member community. Leading a choir can be lonely. Enjoy a private, friendly, supportive space to discuss every aspect of leading a choir.
  • A helpful library of easy, contemporary arrangements that your choir will love, with scores, rehearsal tracks and teaching notes.
  • Our personal guarantee: no jargon, no hype. Just practical, helpful advice from people who’ve been there.
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