New Zealand Choral Federation

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The New Zealand Choral Federation is a non-profit, incorporated organisation whose central purpose is to promote the performance, creation and enjoyment of choral music. The Federation is ‘owned’ by the membership who elect a Governance Board and National Advisory Committee, all of whom are based in New Zealand.

Formed in 1985, largely through the initiative of Emeritus Professor Peter Godfrey CBE, the Federation has grown in strength over the years, and now represents the interests of over 21,000 members from 230 chamber & community choirs, over 280 school choirs and 400 individual memberships. Among these are many top-level choral performers, including some of New Zealand’s most musically gifted individuals and organisations.

Members of the NZCF are spread throughout New Zealand and grouped into nine regions: Auckland; Waikato/Bay of Plenty; East Coast; Taranaki; Manawatu/Whanganui; Wellington; Canterbury/West Coast; Otago; Southland. The NZCF is a member of the International Federation of Choral Music, based in Western Europe, which serves a global community.


The main aims of the NZCF are to promote high-quality choral singing in New Zealand by:

  • providing a structure for choral professionals in this country to improve their own skills, as well as assist others;
  • working with leading New Zealand choirs to stimulate excellence and achievement;
  • collaborating with other arts organisations to present choral music in the wider context of the arts in New Zealand;
  • providing choral leadership training for New Zealand conductors – this can be extended to attendance at international choral conventions;
  • providing opportunities for New Zealand composers to have their works performed in public, both in New Zealand and overseas;
  • providing experienced choral leaders for education in vocal and choral techniques to build choir members’ skills and understanding;
  • producing a range of events and educational opportunities that are designed to meet the needs of the diverse choral groups in New Zealand;
  • creating opportunities for regional choirs to have access to national/international events and skilled clinicians;
  • encouraging the formation of new groups by maintaining and developing the capabilities of the NZCF’s regional branches.
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