CHORALSPACE Academy opens registrations for 2021-2022 academic year

The International Academy for Choral Arts opens its online university for singers, conductors, teachers, composers and artist managers with a programme of workshops, creative sessions and concerts, in co-operation with leading choral experts

CHORALSPACE, the Berlin-based International Academy for Choral Arts, has announced the opening of registrations for its online university course starting in September 2021. Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limited number of 150 students per year. The academic programme focusses on providing opportunities to learn through 38 weekly workshops on various topics related to choral music taught by world famous choral experts.

Launched in January 2021, CHORALSPACE’s stated mission is to give individual singers and ensembles from across the globe a common platform for learning that includes an all-round academic program for students of all ages as well as performance opportunities on some of the best stages in the world.

Myguel Santos e Castro, the CHORALSPACE Academy Program Director, said, ‘I really believe the opportunities we offer will be life-changing for the students who will choose to enrol. The faculty members of the academy have prepared astonishing themes… Only 150 participants will have the privilege of learning with 38 amazing teachers, each one a game-changer in their field.’

Starting on 7 September 2021, registered participants will be following two-hour online sessions scheduled every Tuesday at 19:00 Central European Time from any remote working place in the world using a conference application that will allow interaction not only with the workshop lecturer, but also among the participants themselves.

‘The choral community is changing, and this is not only connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the inevitable process of a crisis that has been calling, for a long time already, for more artistic innovation, audience visibility, and social inclusivity. CHORALSPACE has been created to initiate, motivate, and support this much-awaited change in the choral community’, said Founder and Project Developer of CHORALSPACE, Gent Lazri.