Choir of 1,400 releases video performance with The King’s Singers

The Stay At Home Choir will premiere their performance of 'Songbird' with The King's Singers at 6pm on Friday 25 June 2021, in a new arrangement by Nick Ashby.

‘Songbird’ was rehearsed over four weeks in early 2021, with singers all over the world, through online rehearsals and masterclasses with The King’s Singers and Stay At Home Choir co-founders Tori Longdon and Jamie Wright.

This final video sees the Stay At Home Choir reunited with The King’s Singers in their second collaboration. Their first project together, a cover of Billy Joel’s ‘And So It Goes‘, has reached over 500,000 views on YouTube.

As ‘Songbird’ resonated emotionally with so many Stay At Home Choir singers, they were also given the opportunity to dedicate their performances in honour of their lost loved ones, whose names will appear in the final video credits.

The video will premiere on Stay At Home Choir’s YouTube channel at 6pm BST, Friday 25 June. Viewers can also watch it on the Stay At Home Choir Facebook page.